Pool Installation

The contractor that is new to fiberglass pool installations is of primary importance to me. If you are willing to take advantage of my training services, the experience will flatten your learning curve, resolve catastrophic problems before they occur and reduce your overall costs for fiberglass pool installations. It is well worth the money. Please see contractor training program in the download section. If you are not convinced to take advantage of the training program, contact me for my fiberglass pool installation manual.

For most pool buyers, I recommend hiring a well qualified fiberglass pool contractor to do the job. He has the experience to get the job done right and warrants his work for at least one year. See what you should know before you buy. If a fiberglass pool contractor is not available in your area, there are other options. For the adventurous, there is the do-it-yourself option. For the less adventurous, I offer an assisted pool installation program.

If you decide to install a fiberglass pool yourself, the more you know, the better the project will go. Check the down load section (link) and select pool feasibility review to determine whether or not a pool will work for you. Then, download a cost projection sheet to work out the project cost. If everything is still a go, email me and I will send you my pool installation manual. It is a 40 page manual with descriptions diagrams and installation pictures to help make the project more trouble free. Before the pool arrives to be installed, down load the pool pre delivery check list to be sure you have everything ready for its arrival.

The assisted pool fiberglass installation program is similar to DIY. The primary difference is my on the job assistance. I will order and expedite the pool delivery process and take care of the details regarding the pool project. Take advantage of my on the job help and my 20 years of fiberglass pool installation experience.