Pool Repair

There are basically three types of damage that occur with fiberglass pools. They are shipping and handling damage, damage related to improper pool installations and damage caused by draining or lowering the water level in the pool. The good news is that once repaired, the damage is invisible and the repaired area is usually stronger than the original area. There may be some color matching issues on older pools that have faded or stained.

Shipping and handling problems are mostly cosmetic such as nicks, gouges, scratches, etc. and are relatively easy to repair. If a fiberglass pool is impacted by a heavy object, structural damage can occur and that will take more expertise to repair. A thorough inspection by the contractor and or the buyer before the pool is unloaded from the shipper will pin point who is responsible for the damage. Once the pool is installed, it is impossible to determine when and where the damage occurred. I have a fiberglass pool repair manual available if you wish and I am available to do repairs and can train you how to repair the damage while I am there.

Fiberglass pool damage related to improper installation or lowering the pools water level is considerably more involved to repair. Sever damage is usually the result of improper winterization. The pool must be drained and the repair area dry before repairs can be made. If you have no experience with draining a damaged fiberglass pool, you could end up with more damage than you started with.

Stress Crack Impact Crack Grinding the Damage
Applying Fiberglass and Resin Apply Gel Coat Sanding and Buffing